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Gratitude, and Why What Goes Around Comes Around

No doubt you’ve heard statements similar to “what goes around comes around.” That principle seems to apply to a lot of things, and we looked at it in the context of gratitude. We have been working on the idea of how we can energize gratitude to transform the consciousness of the planet. One of the aspects of this that revealed… Read More

When We Care to Care We Experience… Gratitude

We are big on gratitude. There’s a lot of buzz about how gratitude can do many beneficial things. Our big aha was that gratitude could actually be used in tangible ways to transform the planet to a place of greater loving, compassion and caring. However, we realized that great ideas are worth very little without tangible actions to put them… Read More


what every parent needs to know about this high speed-techno harassment! When Bill Gates envisioned a personal computer in every American household I don’t imagine his intention was to create a way for bullies to move from the playground to inside the home. Bullying has become an issue of epidemic proportions and although community leaders, government officials, school administrators, and… Read More

A Really Good Vibe

Why do we “feel” music? What resonates within us to really grab hold of a sound, a vibration or a tone that literally fills us up from head to toe in one special moment? How does a song trigger emotions and thoughts? How does a certain melody bring a certain picture to mind? It’s all based upon one simple word.… Read More