A Really Good Vibe

Why do we “feel” music? What resonates within us to really grab hold of a sound, a vibration or a tone that literally fills us up from head to toe in one special moment? How does a song trigger emotions and thoughts? How does a certain melody bring a certain picture to mind?

It’s all based upon one simple word.


We all walk around with a rhythm inside of us. At least – I hope we do… it’s our heart beat.

It keeps us in sync with our bodies which in turn keep us in sync with our minds, emotions and spirit. We have brain waves that function on several different vibrational frequencies and we have emotions that function on the movement and shift of our lives.

All very technical… and there are many, many very impressive theories and psychological profiles that we could access at this time to take you through it all until we understood every last reason and possibility for all of this… yet I want to take you on a slightly different journey with this. I want you to think about what music can mean to your life… and not necessarily be concerned with why or how.

Let’s take a sleeping child for instance. Better yet – let’s take one that wont’ sleep! A cute little process you can adopt is to choose one piece of music – a soothing piece of music – and have a player readily on hand in their room or wherever they sleep most. When the child is asleep, even if just for a short period of time, you play this piece of music while they are sleeping. Have the piece on repeat so the same piece plays over and over.

As soon as the child wakes up – stop the piece of music from playing. Once again, after the child is asleep – play the piece of music. Continue this exact process for about 5-7 days.

Now, once this process has been carried out, play the piece of music for the child as you are trying to get them to sleep or calm. Their bodies, minds, emotions and spirits will have connected with the vibrations and tones of the piece during their sleep state. They will have “connection memory” with this piece of music – and the connection memory will be of that of SLEEP! Results vary from a calming sense to full out sleep. It is a beautiful thing to behold!

The same can be said for eating or exercise. If you set a positive environment through music, the nourishment or self- care will connect with the music and present the opportunity for a positive environment each time the music is played. How does this help? Well – it’s mobile! If you have a positive eating experience at home with this piece of music, then you can establish the same environment in a car, at work, in a lunch meeting or anywhere you can bring music with you.

Goal setting and music can be VERY attached. Let’s say that you set a goal of fitness. Walking, weights, running, training… house cleaning! anything physically oriented. Each time that you achieve a success in this area – have a piece of music readily available to play for yourself kind of like an anthem. Your mind, body, emotions and spirit will connect a feeling of success to this piece of music. You can then bring this piece of music in with you as a motivator for when you reach a place of challenge or trial. You will bring in the energies of success with this piece of music and in turn provide yourself with the ultimate boost on all levels.

It’s simple really – attach a piece of music to the result you are looking for. It then becomes your best friend when your path is a bit of a challenge.

Music brings clarity and vision to our lives as it connects with our inner most senses of heart, mind, emotion, being and self.

What a wonderful gift. Now – who can you give it to and how? Start with yourself and then create the ultimate reflecting pool outwards from your own success in every sense of the word.

Remember, music is subjective… yet “harmony brings us together”.

Relax, unwind, enjoy… listen.