Your Mental Health Can Be Greatly Affected By Nutritional Imbalances

Dr. William Walsh has proven through extensive testing that your mood and behaviour can be dramatically influenced by your nutritional imbalances

Learn More About Alternatives to ADHD Medication In This Video

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Alternatives to ADHD Medications

How we think, feel and ultimately behave is very much dependant on key brain chemicals called neurotransmitters (NT). NT’s such as serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and norepinephrine must be in optimal levels for us to function at our best. Too little or too much can cause extreme fluctuations in mood, behaviour, focus, and cognition. The production and the re-uptake of NT’s in the brain are tightly controlled by specific nutrients that can be measured accurately via functional blood and urine tests.

For example there are 5 different “biotypes” or patterns that create depression/anxiety and approximately 7 that can create ADHD…and each one is uniquely treated based on their biochemistry.

Advanced nutrient therapy utilizes vitamins, minerals and amino acids to naturally correct imbalances in neurotransmitter activity. The clinical challenge is to determine the biochemistry of each patient and to develop an individualized treatment plan aimed at normalizing brain chemistry. For most patients, the benefits of advanced nutrient therapy result from the following:

  • Normalizing the concentration of nutrients needed for neurotransmitter synthesis
  • Epigenetic regulation of neurotransmitter activity
  • Reducing free-radical oxidative stress

What To Expect
All initial appointments are booked as a First Visit Integrative Medicine Appointment and billed under Naturopathic services. The initial consultation is a one hour appointment for $325.  (Follow up Naturopathy appointments range from $65 – 195 depending on the time required). This allows me to assess each patient through multiple health systems to better arrive at the root of your concerns. These appointments can be billed through extended health insurance under Naturopathic Medicine. Osteopathy appointments range from $65-195 depending on time and can also be billed through extended health insurance. 

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