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Why settle for “normal” when optimal is an option. Why Not Feel Great?  Most chronic diseases of our time are very preventable. The key pieces of the puzzle so often overlooked are when people shy away from checking to see where they are along the road or they don’t consider the results seriously enough. I have amalgamated my training… Read More

Family Connection

Enjoy a couple of hours of play and connection time with your child(ren). Learn and experience self-regulation exercises and activities, yoga & mindfulness, as well as play therapy. Prepare to laugh and engage with your little one(s) while, as caregivers, you learn some tools to prep your children for a happier and successful life. Read More

Thank You!

Thank you so much! We really appreciate you for taking action. Please check your inbox to see the email that contains the item you requested. Read More

ADHD Treatment Alternatives

Your Mental Health Can Be Greatly Affected By Nutritional Imbalances Dr. William Walsh has proven through extensive testing that your mood and behaviour can be dramatically influenced by your nutritional imbalances Learn More About Alternatives to ADHD Medication In This Video  If this video makes a lot of sense to you, click below for Jason’s in depth video on… Read More

Creating Purpose & Joy Weekend Retreat

Have you ever felt like there must be more to life then what you are currently living? Do you find that the feelings of stress, worry, boredom, frustration or a general sense of “blah” are starting to outweigh your feelings of joy and purpose? Maybe You may have started a meditation and spiritual practice…but still find that unless you are… Read More

Inspire Health Podcast

Welcome to the Inspire Health Podcast, your life is about to get a whole lot better! Check Out The Podcast This is where inspirational leaders, visionaries and game changers in the fields of health and wellness, mind/body medicine, spirituality and more come together to share their wisdom with you! If you have ever felt stuck, at a loss for answers… Read More

Spirit of Bali – Retreat to Indonesia in 2019

We have created the perfect package for you! A meditation and yoga practice within a gorgeous lush setting overlooking a river will be a daily offering. Supportive and nourishing to seasoned practitioners and beginners alike, aspiring to uplift and inspire you... Read More


Get The Care You Deserve No Matter Where You Live   TeleHealth: A Convenient Option for your Health Care Visits.  No more traffic, parking, or unpredictable driving time. Parents don’t have to stress over child care planning. High performers short on time can squeeze an appointment in from work, home, or school, while on a break! Thanks to technology, Jason can… Read More

Innovative Treatments for ADHD, Autism, Behavioural & Learning Disorders

There is no debate that ADHD & Autism diagnoses have skyrocketed over the past decade…but WHY?? Are we really living in a time where such a large percentage of our children are unable to manage their behaviour, their temperament, their focus, their impulsivity, and their ability to learn? What I have become extremely curious about over the past year is… Read More

Natural solutions for Anxiety and Depression

How we think, feel and ultimately behave is very much dependant on key brain chemicals called neurotransmitters (NT). NT’s such as serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and norepinephrine must be in optimal levels for us to function at our best. Too little or too much can cause extreme fluctuations in mood, behaviour, focus, and cognition. Join me April 2nd and learn: The… Read More

The Science of Fat Loss Through Exercise

Everyone wants to know the magic formula to burn fat easily and effortlessly. After discussing how to optimize your nutrition to burn fat, we now reveal the specific types of exercise that will train your body to burn stored fat before any other fuel. During this community health talk you will discover: A proven strategy to double the amount of… Read More

Manipulation Re-fresher Course

Day 1: Manipulation Re‐fresher Students will learn: How to perform an in depth postural assessment. How to perform static and motion palpation of the following joints: Lumbar spine Thoracic spine Cervical spine Thoracic ribs First rib Pubic Symphysis How to identify and correct osteo-articular dysfunction in the above joints using a variety of manipulation techniques. Day 2: Advanced Manual Therapy… Read More