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Unlocking your path to optimal health

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Discover why “Normal” may not be enough.

Picture this: You go to the doctor because you don’t feel well. After describing what’s going on you have some test taken and then you wait. A few days later you get a call from the doctor saying there’s good news: Your lab tests came back normal. Click. Good news as far as the doctors concerned but you still feel lousy. How can that be?

Dr. Jason Loken’s book From understanding to knowing; Unlocking your path to optimal health, addresses just that situation head on. It explains how results in the normal range do not necessarily mean you’re in optimal health. Dr. Loken suggested reference ranges in lab tests are so broad that they really don’t pinpoint the things your doctor can work with to get you feeling better.

This book gives you information (in understandable language) that lets you sort through and understand the masses of health-wise information coming at you – putting you in the driver seat of your own health and life.

Among the things it covers, in addition to the 10 most important lab test, is essential information that guides you to which tests you need, when it’s best to get them and lets you gain a deeper understanding of both the meaning of the test and your results. Most importantly it supports you in surpassing the minimal state of “normal” and reach “optimal” ranges for you. With this information you can not only take care of disturbing symptoms, yet take steps to improve your overall health and prevent chronic disease.

One key Dr. Loken suggests is tracking your health. To facilitate that, the book provides a number of tracking charts that make it practical and easy to keep an eye on vital health markers and makes crystal-clear where you are in your progress towards optimal health and enjoyment of life.

Fortunately the “what to do?” is also thoroughly covered in the Solution section of this innovative book. Happily it is eminently doable, no matter where you might be on the spectrum of illness to health.  Dr. Loken, a naturopathic physician, relates a thoughtful blend of advice and experience from his own hands-on-work with contemporary medicine, traditional remedies and integrative therapies to provide a truly holistic approach to gaining and maintaining excellent health.

On a solid foundation of respected medical research, he reveals such things as

  • a vitamin that is proven to help prevent cancers
  • a supplement that can help lower “bad” cholesterol
  • an awareness of how certain hormones, if out of balance, can complicate thyroid health and how to normalize them
  • a ten-minute exercise that will boost metabolism and burn fat for up to 16 hours after you stop exercising
  • and other fascinating revelations.

When certain systems in our body begin to suffer, we begin to feel run down and increase our risk for ill health and disease.  Our bodies are wonderful at letting us know what’s going on. We just have to know the right questions to ask it. This book will show you how!!

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