Top 10 Lab Tests

Chronic Disease Prevention for your Optimal Health

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Have you ever been told by your doctor that all your lab tests came back “Normal”…yet you still don’t feel normal?

Discover why “Normal” may not be enough. Dr. Jason Loken ND, created the Top 10 Lab Tests to keep you informed, involved and inspired about your health and life.

There are 3 BIG problems when it comes to conventional lab testing by your GP.

  1. Conventional lab testing is designed to find a specific pathology that is treated with a medication or medical procedure. It is NOT designed to uncover the myriad of functional imbalances that are often at the root of the problem.
  2. Reference ranges for most lab tests are way to broad and do not take into account the optimal zones that many people function best in. “Normal is NOT “Optimal”
  3. Routine physical exams do not cover very many lab tests so when you are told that “everything” is normal, “everything” was not actually checked.

Discover which lab tests are essential for you and gain a deeper understanding of your results.

If you are still experiencing symptoms after being told everything is “Normal” I invite you to download this free e-book and take a deeper look into your health.

Diseases of the modern age are much more complex then they used to be and require a more integrative model of health care to correct. It’s time to get back in the drivers seat of your own health.