Upper Body Therapeutics

January 15, 2017
2:00 pm – 4:15 pm
Moksha Yoga Brooklin
$50 Workshop

Within these set of workshops Dr. Jason Loken ND and Téa Shahbazi will be exploring common muscle imbalances and patterns at the root of most chronic pain and dysfunction.

In these very practical workshops you will learn how to use Yoga Tune Up® balls and targeted exercises to ‘turn off’ over-firing tight muscles and ‘turn on’ under-firing weak muscles in order to regain optimal strength and function within the body.

These workshops are suitable for anyone wanting to prevent future injuries and aid in correcting current injuries. Join us and feel better in your body!


As of March 17th and until further notice, all appointments booked with Dr. Loken will be conducted over phone or online via the clinic's Telemedicine platform.

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